Countdown to Microconf

I’m going to a conference in Barcelona! A bit under a month to go. I’d like to have SMSCustomers ready to roll by then, and have taken it past a few customers. I’ll get most out of the conference if I have an offering to discuss, rather than arrive there and say “yes, I’m still building”.

My designer and I are collaborating quite closely during this last phase. Up until now we’ve spoken every couple weeks and sent each other things, but now we have to deliver. That means accepting the time limit and cutting what won’t fit. I’ve found the design aspect fairly challenging because while my guy has an exceptional eye and I think I’m pretty good at the user experience, we haven’t quite nailed it.

So…take shortcuts where necessary, focus on the parts that will win me business, which in this case is the day-to-day usage of the product. We may not get it perfect but that’s not important at this stage.

I’ll be happy if, each day, I leave the app better than it was the day before.