Now on Jekyll. I mean Hugo

False economy time. This site was hosted on Ghost, with a paid-for Cloudflare setup in front of it (I think created before SSL was standard on Cloudflare). My CC bills were feeling a bit harassed by the thousand cuts of small online charges. I was a bit annoyed at blogging so rarely and paying monthly to host it, so put in some time to install Jekyll, which meant installing Ruby, and meant finding a theme, and adjusting all the dates and widgets and…

Well, it’s done. Not financially super-smart because honestly it’ll take me a while to pay it back if I consider the cost of my time. But it feels a lot more efficient and I only need to learn the technology once to use for multiple sites.

It’s a little clunky in that I need to think a bit when I make a change. I have to copy the changed page and one or more index pages. Not a big deal - I don’t post much.

Hosted on Google Cloud Storage, which is where I’m putting anything that doesn’t need smarts. Look at this page, it doesn’t need smarts.

Turns out the desire to fiddle meant I had to check Hugo out! I saw it had the same minimal theme and it runs REALLY quickly. Slight hassle adjusting a few things, but that seems sorted for now.