Why I prefer products to consulting

Products only make promises you’ve put into them. Consulting customers regularly hand you deadlines that are important to them but have very little to do with your own strategy. You take on their promises and work as hard as possible to hit them. And that’s why you’re up until midnight, sans weekend breaks, for a month.

I’m really looking forward to only having to fulfil the promises that I’ve made, personally or through my products.

When you’re working for someone else, you’re on their agenda. You can’t, or shouldn’t, do things that are important to you but not to the customer or their customers. You need to take on their priorities and spend their money as if you were them.

Products don’t have a budget. You can make them as good as you are able. It’s worth it to make the search that bit better, because it affects so many people. It’s your call to make.

When you build something for a customer, you wave goodbye as soon as the job is done. Maybe there’s a long-term maintenance deal but it’s not yours and sooner or later you’ll be done with it. You’re just dating. When you build a product you own it and it owns you. There’s a long-term commitment and that changes the dynamic. You become associated with it.

With consulting you’ll meet many people in your city. With products you’ll meet many more, all over the world.